Sabong: The best bonuses and odds

Sabong: The best bonuses and odds

In sabong, fights happen in arenas and have three stages: ulatan, ruweda, and the main fight.

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How Does Sabong Work?

Ulatan: The ulatan is like a faceoff before the fight. Here, the roosters are matched based on their physical traits such as height, size, weight, and wingspan. The roosters need to be similar in these aspects to make the contest fair. This is also where the knives or blades are put on the roosters' left legs. The blades can be of different sizes and can have one or two edges. Depending on the agreement between owners, blades can also be attached to the roosters' right legs or even both legs.

Ruweda: Next is the ruweda, where the birds are prepared to enter the arena or cockpit. The owners hold their birds in the ring, allowing the audience to see their behavior to help them make betting decisions. The speaker calls the casador, announces the fight's terms, while the referee, who is also the judge (known as sentensyador or koyme), is ready to oversee and declare the winner. Bets are placed by a third person called a kristo, who takes wagers from the crowd and often remembers the terms and payouts, although some use handwritten notes for this.

Main fight: Once the bets are made and the rules are agreed on, the birds are placed into the ring to fight it out, using their beaks to peck and their legs with blades attached to slash at each other. The referee ends the fight when a clear winner is determined, and there are no appeals permitted. Despite common belief, sabong matches don't always end in death for the losing bird. Often, the losing bird survives the fight but is usually killed later due to its injuries. Additionally, the winning bird may also receive fatal injuries during the match.

What Are Sabong Betting Odds?

After the referee calls the fight, the bets are paid out from the pool, with the house taking its share. The types of bets you can make include the following (though the odds provided are approximate):

  • Parehas: Even odds, +100 (1/1)
  • Lo Dies: +125 (5/4)
  • Walo-anim: +133 (133/100)
  • Onso: +138 (69/50)
  • Tres: +150 (3/2)
  • Sampu-anim: +167 (167/100)
  • Doblado: +200 (2/1)

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