• $203.56

    Yukon Hardcore Diff Cover, Compatible with...

    ENHANCED DIFFERENTIAL PROTECTION: Yukon Hardcore Diff Covers are built from thick-walled, high-strength nodular steel, which provides an extra layer of protection to the differential, gears, and axles. This cover is designed to withstand extreme hits and off-road driving conditions, ensuring your differential is always protected.
    IMPROVED DIFFERENTIAL RIGIDITY: The thick-walled nodular iron construction of the Yukon Hardcore Diff Cover promotes differential rigidity, which reduces deflection under high-torque situations. This is crucial because high-torque situations can put severe loads on vital internal parts, which can lead to damage or failure.
    BETTER OIL CIRCULATION AND COOLING: The contoured inner surfaces of the Yukon Hardcore Diff Cover promote faster oil circulation and cooling. This is essential for better performance under high-torque situations, as it ensures that the differential stays cool and properly lubricated.

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